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The Portable Washing Machine

$61 $101

Beautiful folding portable washing machine. Wash and dry your clothes in a matter of minutes, thanks to the fact that it can be folded you can take it anywhere and on a trip it will no longer be a problem to have clean clothes.

Meet your different needs thanks to its 3 washing programs: standard wash, soft wash and semi-dehydrate wash or dry

Built in cooper motor, greater torque, centrifugal high speed operation.

1. Unfold the washing machine and fill the washing machine with water and add the detergent
2. enter the clothes you want to wash
3. choose washing mode
4. once finished, empty the water from the washing machine from the right side
5. place the basket
6. Place the clothes you want to dry in the basket and choose the drying mode.
7. Now you already have your clothes washed and dried.
8. Fold the washing machine and store it where you want

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